About Me

I am a mom of two wonderful boys.  I count them among my greatest teachers and I have endeavored to be a better person because of them.  I am a seer and I am a healer.  I did not want to see things beyond this ordinary realm, nor did I aspire to be a healer of any sort.  It happened because I began to see into the world of spirit – a world that is not manifest in the physical – including visitations by deceased relatives.   I just see what I see and hear what I hear, and in my healing work I do what Spirit directs me to do. I also happen to be a licensed psychotherapist with a practice in Santa Fe, NM.  I feel honored and privileged to do the work I do, and to work with so many remarkable people, in Santa Fe  and throughout the US.  I also have clients in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria, and am happy to know them and grateful they trust and accept me into their world. I travel to Europe to offer classes in shamanism and emotional healing and do private healing work.

I am passionate about food – tasty, sublime, organic and excellent in all respects.  I love to cook, and if I were not doing what I am doing now, I would want to be involved in the food and wine industry. I am ridiculously sensitive. I cry at silly movies, when I see a homeless person, when I pray for my sons, and I cry because I love so much and feel so deeply.  I cry for the healing of the planet and all that is upon it.  And I get teary when I see the picture of my beloved friend, my golden lab who left us 2 years ago after sharing his unconditional love and spirit with us for 12 years. I love nature, trees, water, and flowers.  I love to garden and think it is nothing short of a miracle that a seed grows into something beautiful and/or edible. I am a native Californian.  I adore a wide range of music, including opera, classical (especially Baroque), great vocalists singing the standards, Brazilian bossa nova, and rock and roll. I love the movies, but I don’t watch any television programming. I enjoy being physically active – yoga, skiing, hiking, and swimming.  I like traveling, adventure and exploring.  I love to read and to learn new things. I love beauty.

I am committed to being of service on the planet.

If you like what you have read and you wish to know more about me or the work I do, go to my website:  www.sacredshamanichealing.com.











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