Happy Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice, 12/21/2015 – the longest night of the year and the turning point where our days will become longer and we will experience more light.  It is an ancient celebration of the return of the Light and it also happens to occur toward the end of our calendar year.

Clients and friends have remarked to me that 2015 was one of the most difficult and challenging years.  Many have experienced loss of loved ones, divorce/separation, job loss, financial losses, and serious health issues.  For many it has been a time of much darkness… and yet, the dark holds knowledge, information and teaching, and is part of the natural cycle in the wheel of life.   In the Native Medicine Wheel the direction of the North is the season of winter and it holds great power.  The north is where the ancestors, ancient ones, wise ones and sages reside, and it is a place of deep wisdom hidden in the dark places. It is also the place of death and darkness. In winter the trees and plants die back, with root systems going mostly dormant in the quiet and stillness of winter. Without the death and darkness of winter in the north, we would not have the re-birth and new life and light in the spring of the east. It is the cycle of nature.

We too are part of nature’s cycle and the darkness is a natural part of the seasons of our own life.   Everything has a season and must be honored. We must learn and grow from the darkness so that we may welcome in the re-birth of the light on this Winter Solstice.

You may wish to consider a few things on this Winter Solstice.   First, looking back upon this year and the dark times that have occurred for you, what can you learn from it?  Is there a message from the difficult times?  More compassion?  Forgiving yourself and/or others?  Loving yourself more?  Learning to say no?   Letting go of someone you loved? Releasing obstacles and blockages that have held you back?  Changing a thought pattern or belief system?  The dark is a powerful teacher and it is wise to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from it in order to move forward and welcome in the Light.

Once you have gained some clarity around the teachings from the dark, then you are poised to release your own personal darkness.  This can be done through ceremony and ritual.  This evening I conducted a drumming Solstice and ceremony circle in which we used ritual to release the inner darkness – darkenss that holds heartache, pain, grief, loss, sorrow, self-doubt, anger, and disappointments, etc.  Ritual is a powerful way to release the unwanted and old, and to have transformation and even catharsis in your life.  It can be done in any multidude of manners.  One example is to write down all the things that you wish to release from this past year, build a fire, tossing your paper in and ask the Spirit of the Fire to carry it away.

After releasing you are ready to welcome the return of the Light.  Where you would like the Light to shine into your life?   Where you place your focus, the energy will flow and expand. What are your hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations, and wishes for this Solstice and the New Year? What do you want to give energy and Light to?  Breathe the Light and new life into your hopes,wishes and desires.  Allow the Light to come into your body and anchor it into the earth and then expand this Light outside your body into your home, your work, your city and expand it further throughout all the planet. As we bring the Light into our bodies and shine it outward, we not only heal ourselves, we help to heal the planet too.

Wishing you all a Happy Solstice and may you have a blessed holiday and a healthy, prosperous, peaceful and joy-filled New Year.

Blessings, Love and Light, Robin



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