New Year’s Message 2015

Happy New Year to All!  Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I would like to propose that you take this time to reflect on all that you have done and accomplished and all that you are.  There is nothing wrong with resolutions to improve oneself, but inherent in resolutions is the acknowledgement that we fell short or failed in some way.  Can you take the time and give yourself the gift of honoring yourself?  Honor all that is both ordinary and extraordinary about you and your life.  If you are a mother, honor yourself for all the many things you have selflessly done and continue to do on a daily basis for your children (need I name them all?  The list is far too long…)   If you are in an intimate relationship or have been in one, honor yourself for being vulnerable and open to love, for giving, and for making efforts at nurturing the relationship to be healthy, solid, and mutually supporting. If you have cared for an elderly family member, friend or someone who is/was battling illness, honor yourself for your loving compassionate care and for the giving of your time. If you work, whether it is for an employer, for yourself, or in your home, honor yourself for showing up, for sharing your talents and skills and for putting your best foot forward.  If you volunteer for non-profits, honor yourself for your efforts to be of help and for supporting good causes.  If you have had challenges in your life, honor yourself for getting through the tough times and for learning and growing through them.  Honor yourself for your courage, commitment, determination, and creativity that is expressed in your daily life.

Honor yourself for being a friend/ sister/brother, wife/husband/significant other/daughter/son, mentor/teacher/guide/mother/father/grandparent – and honor yourself for being human and for being spirit in human embodiment.  Honor yourself for continuing to learn through active engagement in relationships.  It is essential to honor yourself, for as you do, you enhance the light and love energies in your field, thus opening the way to more honoring and love to come to you from the outside. But it begins with you. It begins now.  Happy New Year!

Love, Light and Blessings,  Robin

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Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

At this time of the year, the holiday of Thanksgiving, I like to ponder those things that I am thankful for in my life.  I am thankful for my ability to be of service to Spirit and for the gifts that have been bestowed upon me of sight and healing.  I am deeply grateful for my two sons who give me the most incredible joy and the greatest gift of learning and growing every day of my life. I am a better person because of them. I am thankful for health and the fact my body supports me well.  I am thankful for all of my wonderful friends who share with me in varying degrees support, long talks, laughter, food, wine, hikes in nature, and concerts.  I am thankful for each individual who is reading this post. I am honored that you want to read something I have written and in this way share a part of my life. I am thankful to all my clients, old and new, who have given me the honor and privilege of being witness to and assist in their healing process.  I am thankful to all the many spiritual allies who provide healing and share information for me, my family, friends and clients on a daily basis. I continue to be amazed at the magnificence of Spirit.  I am thankful for Mother Nature – her beauty and how much she gives to all.  I am thankful for all life on this planet.   I am thankful for the sun, moon, stars and the planets.

Two years ago I wrote a post about a wonderful Thanksgiving my son and I had in Wolf Creek Colorado. We skied all day and in the evening we stayed in our hotel room and ate cheese and crackers for our Thanksgiving meal while we watched a wonderfully touching movie.  It was one of the best Thanksgivings ever! This year I wanted to stay at home as I have recently been traveling quite a bit.  So I told my son that we could create our meal, anything we wanted as long as it wasn’t a traditional turkey with all the trimmings. I did that for over 20 years and am now pleased to break all the traditions on this day.  Besides, I will do plenty of traditional cooking for the Christmas holiday.  So….drum roll….our Thanksgiving meal will consist of a supreme plate of nachos with the works – beans, meat, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and jalapeños.  In addition my son will have filet mignon wrapped in bacon and I will have a piece of wild caught salmon. He will have soda and I will have wine.  I might make a caesar salad or roast some vegetables but only if I feel like it in the moment. We will have chocolates for dessert and no pumpkin pie.   We will play games and watch movies.  We might go for a walk.   My heart is happy.

I hope that today, on this day of Thanksgiving, you are able to reflect and perhaps give voice to those things in your life for which you are grateful.  I wish all of you an abundant day of food and company that make your hearts and stomachs happy!   Blessings,  Robin

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Being at Peace and Passing On

My father found his peace and was able to make a quiet departure from this earth plane on November 2nd.  He simply closed his eyes and left.  His body and his spirit had enough – he couldn’t go the distance with rehabilitation after his hip surgery.  He has visited me several times since he passed and is ecstatic at being in the Light reunited with my mom. While I am happy for him to be released from the constrictions of his physical form, I am left with a loss and the unavoidable process of traversing again the territory of grief.

In the Native American tradition of the medicine wheel, the direction of the North is where the ancestors, wise ones and sages reside, and it is also the place of great wisdom and hidden knowledge. The North is the season of winter and death and darkness.  In the winter nature dies back and everything slows, becomes still or dies off.  Plants and trees lose their leaves and their energy goes under the ground into the root structure until the spring when life is re-born and leaves begin to sprout again.  The natural cycle of life is a circle.  Without the death and dying process that occurs in the winter of the North we would not have the re-birthing process in the spring of the East, where there is the creation of new life.  And I know it is so with my father.  He is re-born in Spirit, into the Light once again.

For me, I too am in the winter of my North. Part of me that was a daughter is dying off and I know that eventually something new will emerge.   There is an opportunity to be re-born again – as a woman finding my place and a new kind of power, without a parent in my life.   I am in the winter of my North.  I surrender to the energy of grief and allow the wisdom, healing and transformation to emerge in its own way and time. And then I will welcome my new spring in the East.

Thank you all for your support and love.

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Being at Peace

What matters in life is not so much who we have been, what we have done or not done, but who we are today and how we show up for ourselves and others.  This is what I told my father last weekend at the ICU at the Huntington Beach Hospital. He went in because of a broken hip and before the surgery could take place, developed pneumonia and came perilously close to passing.   While I was there, we had some beautiful moments talking about death and dying.  I asked him if he was at peace and he answered “no”. With his aging and the passing of my mom 6 years ago, he has had a lot of time to reflect upon his life.  He has told me how he wished he had been a better husband and father and told me more than once how he wished he could die.  I told him that he must come to a place of peace within himself so that he has the freedom to pass when the time comes.

My dad is sensitive, kind, thoughtful and considerate, but he has not always been this way. I told him that in order to have peace, he must forgive himself, and that what really matters most is who he is today, not what he did or didn’t do in the past. I also encouraged him to speak any unsaid words of love or apology to anyone where he needs to have completion.  

Being with him over the weekend, so close to the threshold of death has caused me to ponder the subject of life, living and death. If you are reading this you may wish to ask yourself if you are at peace with yourself and your relationships with others and the world. If not, I encourage you to do the emotional work to heal yourself  in order to be free and have a peaceful heart.   Forgive yourself and forgive others, knowing that those who hurt you have been some of your best teachers.  Don’t hold back words of love or apology.  And remember, it is not what we have done or didn’t do in the past, it is who we are today and how we show up for ourselves and others that matters most.  Live life as if every day is your last one because today is all we have.

Blessings,  Robin



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Mastering Self-Healing: New Workshop, Nov 1, 2015

Mastering Self-Healing is a new workshop designed to offer highly accessible and practical exercises and techniques to anyone wanting to be unburdened from pain, trauma, negative beliefs and thought forms which are interfering with living an authentic life joyfully and abundantly. Living authentically requires conscious awareness and mastery so that the light and truth of who you are – and who you came here to be – as a divine being can shine. The material taught in this workshop is the culmination and blending of twenty-five years on the shamanic path and fifteen years of practice as a psychotherapist.

In this class the participant can expect to:

* learn how energy works both in the quantum field and in the body; examine ways in which different energies affect the body and how to work with and manage these energies, including learning how to be more seen, heard and understood through expanding and radiating your energy field; and learn to discern what energies are yours versus the energy of others.

* scan your body in order to identify and release unwanted energy and energetic blockages stemming from cords, trauma, pain and negative beliefs.

* identify the untruths that you have been told and/or adopted in your life, and which reside as programs operating inside of your body (i.e. “I’m not good enough”, I’m not worthy”, etc.) and to release them and replace them with a new life-script based on the truth of who you really are.

* use guided imagery to take charge and reign in aspects or sub-personalities of yourself that have too much control or power in your life, such the harsh self-critic and judge, self-saboteur, or the part of self that can’t say no and gives too much.

* learn how to listen to the wisdom of your heart and your intuition and make decisions based upon your truth (as opposed to decisions that are made from mind or ego).

IMG_1766This course has been in the works for a long time and I am happy to announce that it will officially be birthed on Sunday, November 1, 2015. For more information or questions, you may contact Robin at 505-690-0671 or email: If you would like to reserve a space in the class, please mail a check for a non-refundable deposit of $90.00 to Robin Coale at 637 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Credit cards are also accepted. The balance for the workshop is due by October 23, 2015.

“The time has passed for you to seek the Master. Now it is for you to be the Master,” Alen Cohen, The Peace That You Seek.

“If we are truly who and what we say that we have become, this time in history is our opportunity to demonstrate our becoming.” Gregg Braden, Walking Between The Worlds

Workshop Location: Immaculate Heart of Mary, 50 Mount Carmel Road, (corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Camino Monte Sol), Santa Fe, NM

When: Sunday, November 1, 2015 10 am – 6 pm

Cost: $180.00

Happy Autumn Equinox to All! “All spiritual ascent requires descent first, and all those who long for light must firstly face their own inner darkness and overcome it.”  From a blog article titled, “The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox” ( was an excerpt from the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub with Angela Pritchard.



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Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop, September 6-7, 2014

Participants will be initiated into the ancient art of the shamanic journey for the purpose of connecting and receiving power, information, guidance, and healing from spiritual allies. Students will learn how to access altered states of consciousness through the use of drumming and rattling to locate and bring back a power ally, to retrieve power for another person, find a spiritual teacher, receive healing, perform long-distance power retrievals and more. Experiential learning will cover lower world, upper world and middle world journeys.  This is a class that is especially fun and rewarding for me as a teacher and for the student as well. I love empowering students by helping them learn how to journey and develop a relationship with spiritual allies because I believe it is like a gateway or  springboard for so much  –  increased wisdom, insights, healing,  information, and power.  The possibilities are limitless.   To reserve your space in the class please send a $100 non-refundable deposit to:Robin Gress, 637 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM 87505.

When:  September 6th and 7th, 2014, 10 am-6 pm.

Where: 637 Camino Lejo

Cost: $350.00 plus tax

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Channeled New Year’s Message, January 1, 2014

“The times are changing and the energies are accelerating at a phenomenal rate. Do you not feel this?  It is evident in your work, your personal lives – all around you.  It is time to really look at your values, how you live, how you operate in the world. What is most important and cherished to you?  Lose the ego.  Stay away from judgments. Focus on the Light, your inner Light, on expanding your Heart Light.  Stay out of fear and negativity. Keep your thoughts pure. This alone is a great challenge for you have millions of thoughts racing through your minds on a daily basis.  See if you can begin to claim mastery and control over these thoughts so they are channeled in the direction of positivity, uplifting, productive and loving energies.  It is imperative that you begin to understand the great role you are playing on planet earth and the impact you have upon the earth and all of humanity. Every thought and every action you have becomes part of the whole – the collective – and it is in this energy that you reside. Think about this. You have daily an opportunity to shape this planet.  What will be your contribution?  Are you putting fear, ego, competition, control into the collective, or love, harmony, peace, joy into the field?  Rise above your circumstances, whatever they be, for this is the important work at hand. This is why you are here.  Make this your year for mastery, for ascending and rising above the mundane and unimportant. Focus on the Light, on Love, on Peace, Joy, Harmony, Abundance, and Goodness for ALL.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL ON YOUR JOURNEY.”

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Announcing New Workshops

Basic Shamanic Workshop and Introduction to Identification and Removal of Foreign Energies: Friday, Feb 28, 2014 – Sunday, March 2, 2014

This is an intimate and action packed workshop limited to 8 people in which participants will be initiated into the ancient art of the shamanic journey for the purpose of connecting and receiving information, guidance, power and healing from spiritual allies.  Students will learn how to access altered states of consciousness to locate and bring back a power ally, to find a spiritual teacher, and to perform long-distance power retrievals and healing work.   Experiential learning will cover lower world, upper world and middle world journeys.   This course will also cover the topic of foreign/unwanted energies,  how to identify them, and discuss methods for removal.   To reserve your space in the class, please contact robin at: or call 690-0671. 

When: Friday, 2/28, 7-8:30 pm; Sat 3/1 10-6 pm; Sun 3/2 10-6 pm

Where:  637 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe

Cost: $400 plus tax




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Typhoon in Phillipines and How it Affects Us

This morning I awakened feeling off center.  Everything in the morning seemed unusual and off kilter to me.  I overcooked my son’s breakfast, I took him to school at the wrong time (we both forgot he had a late start), and he forgot to take out the trash.  I felt wonky.  I decided to get quiet and ask Spirit what was going on.  Here is the information that I channeled this morning:

“The earth has its own rhythms of ebbs and flows. The energy you are feeling now is the reverberation of the typhoon in the Philippines.  It has created an energetic disturbance all over the planet.  It is like the axiom that whatever happens to one, affects ALL.  It is important to hold your center – get outside in nature if possible.”

I was feeling the energetic impact of the typhoon.  I also sensed this energy disturbance could cause accidents and I cautioned friends and family to be careful while driving a vehicle.

More information came:

“We are sorry for the devastation and losses but it is the result of Mother Earth transitioning to birth her newest form and the transitioning of humanity. There will be more.  It is cause and effect. Mother Earth rotates and plates shift, and there is a response.  We know you feel this deep in your heart. Many are feeling the effect but few will understand and be aware of what it is and why they are feeling agitated, disturbed or sad.”

I asked if there was anything else that I needed to know:

“Stay in your center.  Stay focused. Try and let your feet touch upon the earth to ground your energy.   Hold rocks and stones in your hands and place them on your body.  Be aware and cautious in your movements for the energies are very intense – there is a great deal of electromagnetic energy in the air that is swirling and moving in unusual patterns and directions.”

I didn’t have time to take a walk outside, therefore, I placed some stones and crystals on my body and it was not long before I was feeling better – more grounded and centered.  I was still sad and crying because I felt pain for the people in the Philippines.  In the midst of my tears Spirit asked me if I “would like to go there”, and suggested that if I did, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so sad. I immediately found myself looking at the sky above the Philippine Islands and I saw tremendous Light of yellow gold color and thousands upon thousands of angels and beings of Light in the sky.   I was told that all the souls who have died already knew this would happen before they incarnated in this lifetime.  Again, I gazed at the unbelievable Light and beings of Light in the sky.

Despite the devastation and losses, I believe there is a greater and mightier purpose and plan involved which may be beyond what we can possibly imagine.  This is a time to have faith and trust in a higher power and the evolution of the planet and of humanity.

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Channeled information: Mastery and Forgiveness

My Dear Friends,   I have been channeling on a daily basis, and there has been much information that I feel is of value to share.   I do not channel any particular being, such as an angel or ascended master as many on the planet are doing. When I have asked who is speaking, I am told that it is Divine Intelligence or put it another way, Source.  Here are some of the channeled messages I have received in the past few weeks:

“Think only positive loving, kind and generous thoughts.  All other thoughts lower the vibration and frequency. This is also a way that illness and disease can enter the body, when it is weakened with dark or negative thoughts.”

When you speak badly about someone or even re-play a difficult conversation that you had with someone, you lower your vibration and energy field.”

“Every master undergoes great trials to obtain mastery. These trials are either from within, such as inner torment and darkness, or from outside, such as challenging and difficult life circumstances or both. We all have the capacity within to obtain mastery.”

“You must practice mastery – mastering your thoughts and words.  Stay in the feeling of loving and blessing all who cross your path. This is essential.  It is vitally important to obtain mastery.  You must claim dominion and sovereignty over your own being and not let others do this.”

On the subject of forgiveness. “See everyone as a divine radiant being who carries the eternal Light within them. With some, that Light is more hidden because of agendas, beliefs, judgements, negative thinking, and possessing influences.  But nonetheless, the Light is there within each person.”

“Hold love in your hearts, not hate. Share what you have and not be in greed. Focus on the Light.”

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