Planetary energies and channeled messages

In the past 4 weeks, I have witnessed some of the most intense energies on the planet, as evidenced by the issues and emergencies presented by my clients as well as odd and highly unusual occurrences.  I have received three channeled messages, beginning Dec 27th, again on the 31st and then on Jan 3rd. The first two are from St. Germain, an Ascended Master who I am told is one of the “overseers” of our planet. The last one is from a council of Ascended Masters.  Up until now I have been too busy to get these published to you, but now I have taken the most salient portions from each and included them below for your information.


December 27, 2014:  St. Germain

Tell people to wake-up and awaken. Be conscious and mindful.  Humans are getting lost in technology, shopping, working, all the minutiae of daily life and forgetting their spirit light bodies and forgetting their connectedness to the great mother earth and to the central sun.  There will be more and more re-alignment of the planet earth and this will naturally be in the necessary form of catastrophic events for that is what is necessary to move the energies at this time.  This is what is necessary to awaken people.  Do not worry or become upset…for it is all in Divine Order… People will have opportunities to treat each other better and to help each other out. It is of paramount importance at this time to take care of your physical bodies for much demand will be placed upon them with the coming changes in the electromagnetic frequencies…Keep one foot in front of the next. Steadily.”

December 31, 2014:  St. Germain 

“In any moment you can completely heal yourself.  Use the violet flame. There are many things happening upon the planet of which you are unaware.  A great battle is stilll waging and your best recourse is to continue focusing upon the Light and doing your inner and outer work.  The last two weeks there has been an unprecedented level of dark pounding, fighting for its very survival. It’s losing its grip on domination, but it continues to hit hard in many areas of the planet.  In addition, there is great activity in the spheres.  Battles are also waging in the galaxy and the sun is highly activated at this time, emitting energies that are casuing great electromagnetic disturbance in the earth’s field.  Hold onto your hats.  Be grounded and centered.  Live cleanly and stay focused. Know and understand this is all part of Divine Order, even though it may seem difficult to take.”

January 3, 2015: Council of Ascended Masters

People are still walking around blindly, not comprehending the fact that we are all connected. Events in Syria, Greece, Indonesia, and China are not isolated or disconnected, they are part of the whole. What happens in every part of the world affects all of us… And conversely, every action, word, thought you take affects the whole.  It’s like a great pot and we are each making a contribution to its contents.  The more you raise your awareness, the more you practice loving acts of kindness toward yourself and others, the more conscious you are of how you walk this planet, with honor, respect and love for all, the greater your contributuion to the healing of the planet….you can also make powerful contributions to the betterment of this planet, to its healing, by healing yourself and by being conscious in each and every moment. Think about what you are contributing/placing in the energy field each day.  Are your words uplifting?  Are they defeating?  Do they tear down or condemn? Or are they of a negative gossiping nature?  Few things are as harmful as gossiping about another, for you are literally tearing down yourself when you engage in this activity.  Are you sitting in judgment against other people?  If you are, you are but throwing negativity into the field and your judgments will come careening right back at you in another way. The old saying is indeed far more true than you can imagine – treat others as you would like to be treated. This is not just a nice phrase, a wishful hope. This is part of Universal Law… all energy moves in circles.  The way you treat other people will come back to you in a circular fashion…the same with your actions. It is the law of karma, and thus, you reap what you sow.  This is not a morality lesson but part of Universal Law.

We wish you blessings, great abundance, joy, happiness, love and health this New Year and beyond – for it is your Divine birthright to have all of this – but you must claim it and begin to live life consiously and according to Universal Law and Divine Principles. 



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