Shamanic Journeying for Teenagers

New Workshop:   Shamanic Journeying for Teenagers, 13-18 years old

When:  Early 2016, TBA

Where:  Private residence, Santa Fe, NM

Cost:  $190

Announcing a new workshop specifically for teenagers to learn the ancient art of the shamanic journey and to learn about energy.  Through my work as a therapist in private practice and in the public schools, as a shamanic healer, and as a mom, I have witnessed how often teenagers have felt powerless or helpless as they strive to deal with the myriad of life’s challenges while trying to mature and individuate in their world and obtain success.   Teens, like the rest of us, face issues and stressors, including school, peer pressure, bullying, self-image, relationship and family issues, such as divorce or separation, etc.   Teaching teens how to journey can provide them with valuable skills and tools for personal empowerment and growth, guidance, direction, wisdom, self-confidence and assistance with problem solving and coping.

In this workshop, teens will learn how to access altered states of consciousness through rattling and drumming in order to locate and dialogue with a power ally and a spirit teacher. Students will also be led in experiential exercises to learn and understand how energy works, both their own energy and the impact they have on others, as well as the energy of other people and in the collective field.

To enroll your teen in the workshop, please contact me as soon as possible, at  or 505-690-0671.  Space will be limited to 10 students. Each participant will need to bring either a drum or rattle, a cover for the eyes, such as an eye pillow or a scarf, a blanket and/or yoga mat, and a notebook for taking notes.

Robin is a licensed psychotherapist, shamanic healer, teacher and channel who has experience working with children ages 5-18 years old in private practice and in public as well as private school settings.  She teaches workshops in shamanism, energy and mastering self-healing in the US and Europe.  



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