Shamanic Journeying Workshop, June 9 & 10th, 2018, Santa Fe, New Mexico

We are living in very chaotic and turbulent times, and the earth and all of humanity are undergoing a tremendous process of change.  During this time, we need all the tools possible to not only survive but thrive.  Learning the ancient art of the shamanic journey can provide invaluable support necessary to help you navigate these changes.  Shamanic journeying is a springboard and gateway into realms that hold unlimited possibilities and potential for healing, information, insight, knowledge, power and guidance. Robin Cathleen Coale, a shamanic healer, international teacher and licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years experience on the shamanic path will be your teacher and guide for this exciting weekend.

In this workshop participants will be initiated into the shamanic path by learning how to journey to connect with and receive power, information, guidance, and healing from spiritual allies. These allies include nature spirits in the form of the four legged, winged ones, beings of the waters, and beings from nature, as well as angels, saints, deities and great ones who once walked upon the earth. Students will learn how to access altered states of consciousness through the use of drumming and rattling to locate and bring back a power ally, retrieve power for another person, find a spiritual teacher, receive healing, and perform long-distance power retrievals.

This class will also include teaching about energy and energetic fields. You can expect to learn through experiential exercises about energy and how to be aware of and understand the energy in your body, and how to read and understand energy in other people in relationship to you and in the field. This is an action packed two-day course. You will come away from it with invaluable tools for empowerment, awareness and clarity that can be used and incorporated into your everyday life.

To register, please mail in a non-refundable deposit to Robin Coale at:

26 Droege Road, Santa Fe, NM 87508.

Where:  Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Center, Fatima Room, 50 Mount Carmel Road, Santa Fe, NM

When: June 9-10th, 2018 10 am-6 pm

Fee:  $350 plus NM gross receipts tax


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